Aaron Manton is a writer, occasional political organizer, and strategic communications professional.

A Torontonian by choice, Aaron was born in Mississauga, was raised in the town of Paris, came of age in Amsterdam, and became an adult in Edmonton.

Aaron completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Environmental Studies at York University, and studied in the MA program in Communication and Culture at York with a focus on transportation culture. He has studied abroad at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and done research in the rainforest in Costa Rica.

Aaron has had a diverse range of work experiences across Canada and around the world, with a resume that includes managing a fast food restaurant, folding clothes in an upscale mall, planting trees in the mountainous wilderness, squeezing juice and selling goat cheese in European markets, making buttons, and consulting at a Bay Street public/government relations firm.

Aaron was a press secretary for Alberta’s first NDP government from 2015 to 2019 and served in the ministries of Health and the Office of the Deputy Premier, Children’s Services, Community and Social Services, Infrastructure, and Transportation. He has volunteered, worked for, and managed federal, provincial, and municipal election campaigns across Canada. Aaron currently works as a Communications Manager in the post-secondary education sector.

Aaron has volunteered for such organizations as TTC Riders, the New Democratic Party, Friends of the Earth International, Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms, World Wildlife Fund, the Las Nubes Student Association, and the Humber Residence Environmental Group. His passion for writing began in the “press box” at Syl Apps Arena in Paris, Ontario, where he covered Paris Mounties hockey games in high school for the local newspaper, the Paris Star.

In a previous life, Aaron played music live, in studio, and in concert band. He is decent at playing the guitar, and pretty bad at playing the drums, bass, clarinet, banjo, and keyboard. Some people heard him sing and play guitar in Hacker. A few more people heard him play bass in Timothy David and the Rhythm Section. Not many people heard his solo record.

Aaron lives in the Davenport neighbourhood of Toronto with his cat, Luna.