As Putin becomes increasingly dangerous, so does Ovechkin’s support

“It’s becoming harder to question whether Ovechkin is simply a proud patriot, coerced or blinded by love of country, and easier to ask whether he is an active and willing purveyor of Russian propaganda.”

Prescribing a dose of reality for Alberta’s Health Minister

Originally a Guest Column on People are losing their jobs. People are getting sick. The person responsible for health care in Alberta is worried about losing Facebook friends.

Olivia Chow is the Best Choice for a Bike-Friendly Mayor of Toronto

Olivia Chow

On October 27th of this year, Toronto will have the opportunity to elect a new Mayor who will commit to improving transportation in our city. For those who want a bike-friendly mayor who understands the importance of all modes of transportation, Olivia Chow is the best choice.

Trudeau Channels Harper on the Senate

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made a career out of preying on Canadians' ignorance of our democratic institutions, the Senate in particular.

He did so as far back as 2010 when, in an unprecedented move, he used his Senate majority to defeat the Commons-supported Climate Change Accountability Act. He did so throughout the tenure of his Parliamentary majority, as he allowed a culture of corruption and skullduggery to proliferate in the Upper House under the watch of his closest confidants. He did so just months ago, when he capitalized on growing public attention and dissatisfaction with Red Chamber to suspend three of his own Senators without due process in a move to score political points and move the focus from his own ineffective leadership.

Now, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is taking a page out of Stephen Harper's book (No, not the hockey book).


Shots Fired: My Open Letter to Rosie DiManno and the Toronto Star

"Those who drive and those who pedal can wipe each other off the face of the city’s streets in this mutual roadkill rush to attrition and Toronto would be better off for it."                                             … Continue reading Shots Fired: My Open Letter to Rosie DiManno and the Toronto Star